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St. John’s Wort & Depression

St. John’s wort is considerably popular among herbal tea enthusiasts and is often recommended as a mood enhancer and for those who are trying to ease feelings of depression.* Although studies are still inconclusive as to whether or not St. John’s wort is an effective tea for aiding depression, many have found that drinking it regularly can help uplift spirits and improve mood.* There are also other benefits that are offered by this tea, however it is predominantly used for the aforementioned issues more so than for its other benefits.*

Overview of Depression

Depression is a feeling that nearly everyone experiences at some point in their life, though typically this feeling is short lived and will not extend longer than a couple of days. However, when these feelings progress and continue on for an extended period of time, it can be a sign of clinical depression, a medical condition that can interfere with daily life. There are several different types of depression and each of these will entail a different set and methods of treatments. It is imperative that those with depression seek out treatment, because cases left untreated can lead to major depressive disorders. In many cases, other illnesses and disorders such as anxiety disorders and PSTD can accompany or be accompanied by cases of depression.

The cause of depression can be a result of a combination of genetic, biological, psychological, or environmental factors. Generally, depression more commonly affects women than it does men. Generally, depression is treated through medications, therapy, or a combination of the two.

Drinking St. John’s Wort Tea

St. John’s wort tea is not a cure or a preventative for depression. However, this tea may be able to help alleviate certain feelings that are brought on by depression and may even help to alleviate feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety.*However, this tea should be avoided if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or currently prescribed to any medications. Consult with a physician prior to drinking this tea if you are uncertain if this tea will cause any unwanted interactions.

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Recent studies have been speculating the effects that St. John’s wort tea may have in regards to aiding those who suffer from depression.